Friday, April 9, 2010


Well we herd from our attorney and it seems that the hospital is considering settling. Settling?? What is that?  We still don't know if what the hospital gave is our daughter or not. Apparently the hospital does not want to do the dna testing to confirm that they in fact they didn't loose Vidalia only misplaced her for over 6 month. So I have decided to have the dna testing done on my own. The first part of the testing is done, they found 11 out of 14 dna markers, now Derek and I have to go and have some swabs done to compare our dna to that of the sample the hospital provided. Should be no longer than 2 weeks and we will have our results.

I just need to know ether way. I want to move on, but not knowing if we have our daughters remains is driving me crazy. I want to bury her with her little brother, Donavan but that is impossible with out prof that she is who we say she is.

More time, time, time, time. Will we have an answer in time?